Stitches- bamako

Stitches- bamako

€786.00 ex. btw


Egbert-Jan Lam of Netherlands-based Burojet Design Studio created Stitches, a family of two well-hemmed pendants. Named Djenné and Bamako (after towns and cities in Mali), each light has its own distinct pattern. Veneer lengths are crafted in a traditional sewing fashion: by marking out a pattern, cutting it and then repeating, so producing an individual lamp. Light shines through the Stitches lamps’ visible hemstitching, cleverly simulating the embellished stitches found on cloth. The shape of each Stitches lamp alludes to the adobe mosques found across the West African nation of Mali. Moreover, Mali has a long history as a producer of embroidery, something embodied in Stitches.

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